Situated almost in the centre of England, in the north-east corner of Staffordshire, Yoxall is a medium sized village of about one thousand eight hundred persons.

This is an area that was once heavily forested with ash, oak, beech and many other species of deciduous trees. Today the landscape is predominantly pasture and arable farmland, although there are still an abundance of forested areas. Yoxall is at the heart of the National Forest where the regeneration of forested land is a prime objective. Evidence of newly planted forest areas and proection of established forests is all around us.

One of England's major rivers, the Trent, runs by the boundary of the parish,where it meets a tributary, the River Swarbourne, which passes through Yoxall. Roughly 6 or 7 miles away to the northeast is the famous brewing town of Burton on Trent, to the northwest, Uttoxeter and to the south the historic City of Lichfield with its magnificent three spire cathedral. The parish of Yoxall lies within both the diocese and deanery of Lichfield.