Bell ringing

Bell towerSt Peter’s has an active bell ringing group consisting of ringers of all ages, and from novice to expert. Practice is held on Wednesday evenings from 8 - 9 o clock throughout the year and all visitors and especially new ringers are very welcome.

We try to ring as often as possible, normally on Sunday mornings, special services and of course for weddings which keeps us quite busy throughout the year. Extra practice happens frequently when the bride is late!! Our arms are longer now than they used to be and our hands tough and leathery.


We love our bell tower. It has lots of character, a windy, windy staircase and comfy space for ringing. It's especially nice when there are lots of people there and we are all trampling over one another scrambling for bells, at the command of our sometimes fierce but fun bell captain Wendy.


   Michael ringing a bell down

  Bells down Bells down 2Bells down 3

Our bells in the up position on their new metal bell frame.

The old wooden frame was replaced in 1993.

The bell frame
                The 3rd bell is the oldest dating back to 1450 and was probably cast on site.

The largest or tenor bell weighs 14 cwt.